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Verbook part 1. English version

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Foreign language vocabulary workbook.

Part 1. The human being

Basic level A1-A2


One notebook, thousands of languages, thousands of posibilities


Who can use Verbook?

  • teachers – can use worksheets as homework, a class break or a short test
  • students – can make revisions with Verbook, test their knowledge or as an aid in memorising an excessive amount of vocabulary
  • self-taught students – Verbook will guide you what kind of vocabulary is necessary to keno at the basic level
  • higher-school level students – (for secondary school certificate matura podstawowa) and foreign language certificate applicants can use Verbook to make revisions, test already known vocabulary or to compile the necessary vocabulary i one place.


Why Verbook?

  • many different possibilities of using worksheets
  • layout supports the learning process
  • all necessary vocabulary about basic topics all in one place
  • the same materials for different languages at the same time
  • extra space for notes. You decide how much and what to write


Write what you want as much as you want!


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